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Digital transformation driving the future of retail

Blake Armstrong, Director of Marketing & Operations, EXARK, noted that RFID Technology is playing an important role in modernizing the retail sector and revolutionizing operational efficiency across the supply chain. RFID helps in boosting sales and customer engagement. It improves visibility of goods flow from manufacture through distribution to selling floor and automates the inventory management. It also improves product availability and inventory accuracy to 98 percentage. Founded in UK, EXARK is a leading manufacturer in RFID and an innovator in IOT and Big Data Applications.

EXARK RFID Solutions are being used across various industries across worldwide including Retail Apparels and Jewellery, Healthcare, Governments, Hospitality and more.

EXARK RFID readers deliver item connectivity with the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust solutions. Our handheld readers provide high performance coupled with full-featured mobile computing and intuitive operation.

The EXARK XK-650 is a robust, simple to use UHF RFID Handheld Reader designed for all day intensive use. The handheld characteristics provides the flexibility to use the latest generation in communications infrastructure without being tied more slowly evolving monolithic device.